Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael Benton: History of World Cinema

OK, so my wild ambition is to teach an extended master class on world cinema each semester and I can include six films in each decade--two weeks on each decade; each week, one in class and two through the BFS. What films would you include... I'm slowly building this up and will be constantly updating it. We have many classes that cover American films, so I will not be including any American films although they will be touchstones for the discussions in the course. I will be building this slowly b/c I am rewatching any film that I might consider. Some films that are originally included, may be dropped when I am convinced that other films would work better. I am not limiting myself to the consensus of what are the grand classics and will definitely consider cult favorites as influential films. I'm drawn to films that have strong social, political, philosophical and spiritual themes. Of course, form and aesthetics are also essential critieria for the selection of many of the films. Some films may not exactly be the best of the decade or of the director's body-of-work, but they capture the zeitgeist. I would also like to expand the scope to cover as much of the world's cinemas as possible. Comments/suggestions/critiques are appreciated and I would be very interested in any other lists. Feel free to educate me ;)

History of World Cinema

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