Monday, January 24, 2005

BBC Documentary: The Power of Nightmares


Please tell me that by now you have watched this very important BBC Documentary.

I first saw this documentary mentioned at Wealth Bondage, then my buddy Paul told me the international students in his apartment complex were sharing downloaded versions, so I sought out an online version and, of course, the great folks at Information Clearinghouse have come through again making all three parts available. Of course the biggest thanks are due to the BBC who aired this three part documentary. As the Happy Tutor states, Can you imagine this being aired on US TV?)

Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart?

Watch pt.1--The Power of Nightmares: Baby Its Cold Outside

The Power of Nightmares continues its assessment of whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. Part two, the Phantom Victory looks at how two groups, radical Islamists and neo-conservatives with seemingly opposing ideologies came together to defeat a common enemy.

Watch Pt. 2--The Power of Nightmares: The Phantom Victory

The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. In the concluding part of the series, the programme explains how the illusion was created and who benefits from it.

Watch Pt. 3--The Power of Nightmares: Shadows in the Cave

For those that don't have the technology to watch it--here are the transcripts

Then check out this insightful critique (courtesy Matt at pas au-delà) of The Power of Nightmares from Media Lens and Adam Curtis's equally intelligent response--its great to see this kind of dialogical engagement.

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