Thursday, January 20, 2005

What Would a Compassionate President Do?

(Dave at Central America and Beyond posted this excerpt from an editorial by Paul Tullis that was published in the Fort-Worth Star Telegram today--visit Dave's site to get the rest)

Congratulations to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for using his high profile to voice what many have been thinking and saying to one another -- that the parties and balls surrounding President Bush's inauguration aren't the best way to spend $40 million.

Coming as it does on the heels of one of the worst natural disasters ever, not to mention in the middle of a bloody war that Bush initiated, the president's bash makes our country appear callous toward the victims of the tsunami and the war.

Laura Bush said in a recent interview that the inauguration celebration should never be canceled, and she chatted about the dresses she would wear to the various events. Perhaps she has forgotten that, in 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt directed that his inauguration be a low-key affair without expensive festivities, out of respect for Americans giving their lives overseas.

What a generous gesture it would have been for the Bushes to do the same and take the money raised so far and give it to aid the tsunami survivors.

It wouldn't have raised our government's total giving to the level of some smaller countries, but it would have been a powerful symbol to the world that we have our priorities straight. The president could have offered to return the contributions to those who didn't want their money used for that purpose, but I'll bet most would have agreed to the move and donated even more.

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Susannity said...

I boycotted all inauguration coverage, etc. They are just so out-of-touch with reality, and it just makes me ill when people say how bush talks and thinks like a regular guy and has all these strong christian beliefs, blah blah blah. actions, actions, actions.