Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sun Ra: Space is the Place (Lexington Event)

FILM SCREENING/FUNDRAISER - Sun Ra's "Space Is the Place" (1974) THIS Sunday, January 30 @ the Icehouse, 412 Cross St, just off W. Maxwell 8pm, all ages welcome, donations accepted ($3 suggested)

A rare screening of Sun Ra?s exceedingly odd and wonderfully funny intergalactic blaxploitation/black power epic "Space Is The Place". Jon Pareles of the NY Times described the film thusly, "Black power and free jazz collided with the fashion sense of SUPERFLY. The PUTNEY SWOPE of jazz films." EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE will play a short set to open the show. Expect different sounds (and a special guest or two) from EAS.

And, as it says above, this is a fundraiser. Financing the Arkestra's trip to Lexington has been a greater challenge than expected (believe me, I've been the
one trying to sort it out). All money contributed at the door will go directly
toward the Arkestra's expenses and guarantee. For more information, email me at or call 536-5568.


Cyndy said...

I'm jealous! I've never seen the Arkestra, but they were one of Craig's favorites and he put together a documentary film featuring them so I got a lot of exposure.

Michael Benton said...

Cyndy--I am excited--this is going to be a great Mardi Gras parade--you can just imagine the life they will bring to it... of course most people I talk to have no idea of the significance of this band's participation, but hopefully my enthusiasm will get them interested.

I'm thinking of offering my students extra credit if they observe the parade and write about it (or even better participate)...

Once again, these solid conservative places are starting to build/birth powerful underground alternatives... reminds me of living in conservative St. Louis during the second Reagan reign/first Bush regime and the explosion of Theater/performance/music/arts as a response to their policies and the overall conservative mood of the city politicians.