Thursday, January 20, 2005

Judy Bachrach of Vanity Fair Speaks Out on FOX News

(courtesy of a tip from Goose at Comments From Left Field and Oliver Willis who is hosting the clip)

Cheers to Judy Bachrach, contributing editor at Vanity Fair, who criticized the outrageously expensive festivities for the Bush inaugural during a time of war (when we can't even fully arm or protect our soldiers). I commend her bravery--lets face it anyone in a public position who speaks out in this way risks possible retribution. Pay close attention to how the FOX announcer Brigitte Quinn attempts to defend FOX news' ideological position (unbiased--ha!):

Judy Bachrach Appearance on FOX

Goose also has posted breakdowns of the costs for the coronation and very importantly has posted on the recent tragic flooding in Costa Rica (which is being ignored in the aftermath of the Tsunami).

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Anonymous said...

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Russell Cole