Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Center for American Progress: Report Card for President Bush, 2000-2004.

(courtesy of Swerve Left by way of Cut to the Chase)

The Center for American Progress issued a report card for President Bush. The numbers below are for 2000-2004.

the financial markets
s&p 500 -15%
nasdaq -36%
dow jones -5.3%

consumer income and expenses and standard of living
price of a gallon of gas +46%
real value of the minimum wage -7%
median household income -4%
average cost of 4-year public college +24%
poverty rate +11%
americans filing for bankruptcy +33%
annual increase in prescription drug prices (from 4.1% t0 6.8%) +68%
number of americans without health insurance +18%

federal finances
federal debt +39%
monthly trade deficit +75%
annual trade deficit +53%

the dollar
dollar versus euro -30%
dollar versus yen -11%

consumer debt
home mortgage borrowing +100%
total outstanding consumer debt +28%
household debt as a percentage of assets: +20%
household debt as a percentage of gdp +21%

According to the Financial Times, real wages in the US are falling at their fastest rate in 14 years.

We could of course add to this that this last year saw more terrorist attacks worldwide than we've had in the last two decades. And then there's today's news about Shrub's success at establishing stability in the Middle East. "Insurgents are averaging about 70 attacks a day this month, up from 30-40 in February and March, said Lt. Col. Steven Boylan, a spokesman for U.S. forces in Iraq."


Susannity! (Susanne) said...

The latest polls, take of them what you will, show the largest drop in approval for Bush and the war since 2000. Maybe a few folk are coming to their senses, but too little, too late imho.

Thivai Abhor said...

Its never too late, in my opinion, but I'm with you that its depressing that it has taken sooooo long (and that so many still don't get it)

Blue Cross of California said...

Bush needs to work on improving much for America mostly health insurance. Many lack coverage and it is an important aspect to many lives.