Thursday, May 26, 2005

Luis Gomez, NarcoNews and Bolivia IndyMedia: Uprising in Bolivia

(Courtesy of Lip Media)

A Time of War for Bolivia
Luis Gomez
The Narcosphere

Gualberto Choque, leader of the peasant farmers of the Department of La Paz and, as such, leader of the rural Aymara people, said it yesterday: "This is a time of war." Although nobody listened to him, it was a warning. This morning at 9:30 more than 10,000 Aymara peasant farmers, from the twenty highland provinces, came down from El Alto's Ceja neighborhood into La Paz. "This is not about demonstrations or speeches, brother," Choque told Narco News. "Now we are going to take the Palace of Government."

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Narco News is regularly updating their website with breaking news on the situation in Bolivia

Great pictures are up on Bolivia Indymedia

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