Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Long Sunday

Many of the bloggers that I read (for example, pas au-delà, Jodi Dean's I Cite, Infinite Thought, and CPROBES) have gotten together and started a new, collective blog:

Long Sunday


Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanx

wanted to add (better late than never)
it could be argued that u are not actually monologuing here
only, u engage more, more often
requiring a little more investment of time
for a reader, such as myself
who consequently, may then lag a bit in the online dialogue space-time-continuum

a quick word of encouragement / appreciation from the quiet of the ether-world...

Matt Christie said...

Thanks M,

I do wish you would write more, longer posts yourself. It was such a fleeting but wonderful moment, back then, when I felt you were actually risking something of yourself online (albeit almost indirectly, by way of playing le provacateur).

Anyway best wishes,


Michael Benton said...

Sorry Matt,

I've been buried in other writing responsibilities and have not been writing for the blog, but I just got hired in a tenure-track position and will be freed-up at the end of this month.

I promise I will play the (political) provocatuer again... and I need to delve into some philosophical issues that are plaguing me. Thanks for reminding me...

Michael Benton said...


Thanks, too much time talking to myself is not good for the psyche!

The encouragement is appreciated.

memsamechnun said...

Michael, folks do read your blog! I really appreciate all you bring here.

Is the Anti Oedipus a re-write of your original work?

What are some of the philosophical issues plaguing you? I'd really like just a brief post on this!

Some time back i made some disparaging comments about Douglas and it was a matter of hours before he wrote me a note.

Lately, he too seems to be pushing philosophical envelopes, but keeping his cards close to his chest.

What i have always liked about you is your extraordinary openness!

Keep it up!

- mason

Michael Benton said...



I will write a post about philosophical quandries as soon as I finish designing an online course for U of K (it is paying my summer bills and is due June 1st--its like writing a textbook in two weeks) and will also post about the absurd circumstances surrounding my temporary employment at another university this summer.

Thanks for the email congratulating me on my new tenure-track position!

Douglas Rushkoff is an amazingly forthright and sincere person--a rarity...

In June I should have my financial obligations for the summer finished and will settle in to continue writing my dissertation--at that point I will once again open up my battered psyche on this blog for all to see....

Michael Benton said...

Mason... the schizo stuff is something you saw from the MediaSquatters list way back when, that I had revisited recently in my attempts to wrestle with the weird things I'm feeling (concerning the housing bubble and consumer frenzy in the US)--so I reread and revised some of the comments...