Monday, May 09, 2005

Robert Plant: Blues Out of Africa

Heard this while driving today: New Album that sounds great, followed by a new tour, of course, Lexington and Louisville will not be one of the stops... oh well... at least I saw that DJ Spooky will be in town this friday!

Blues Out of Africa
Robert Plant
National Public Radio


"The marriage of music between North Africa and the Mississippi Delta... there's a very, very close link," Plant tells Melissa Block.

In his new CD, Mighty Rearranger, Plant continues to travel the musical landscape of North Africa. Several songs on the CD feature instruments native to the region, including the bendir (a drum that can be tuned by heat -- from, say, a table lamp -- as the skin becomes tighter) and the gimbri (which Plant calls "the great-granddaddy of the guitar").

Listen to the interview, tracks from the new album, and classics from Led Zeppelin, including links to Babe I'm Going To Leave You, Kashmir, and Bring it On Home

Thanks NPR!

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