Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Scientific Study: Alcohol Makes Your Brain Grow!

Do you think alcohol commercials will shift from displaying midrifs and mooks to bragging about how their product will increase the size of your brain (maybe they could make use of the fact that a creative, intriguing brain is the largest sexual organ?) Could this revolutionize society, once again Americans would find intellectuals fascinating and not fear them? Bars would once again become places where we could talk, discuss and debate while having a cold one. Bush would be dismissed as a lightweight--obviously in his drinking days he didn't consume much or he would be smarter... the possibilities are staggering, excuse me I need a drink in order to comprehend this new data!

Alcohol Makes Your Brain Grow

(link courtesy of El Oso)

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oso said...

Yeah, I'm surprised we haven't seen anything yet.