Thursday, May 12, 2005

Think Systemic: Our Problems Did Not Start with Bush and They Would Not End If He Were Gone

If we impute all our weaknesses to the present government, we shall never shed them.

-- Mohandas K. Gandhi, Swaraj or Death, Young India, August 27, 1925


Susannity! (Susanne) said...

I think it's those damn liberal rogue judges... JK lol. =P

Mimus Pauly said...

People have been struggling with the government since day one. But somehow, I can't help suspecting that the Bush administration is the worst one Americans have ever put up with...

memsamechnun said...

since Reagan, when the party dressed up its racist and corporatist ideology in more appealing threads, it has had success and actually succeeded in *changing* government to something diminished and hated.

once the defected "Reagan Democrats" came back to the "left," the religious right finally acheived a long and hard-won hijack of the party.

in the mean time 911 has enabled an accelerated ruination of the constitution.

our weaknesses have been systematically encouraged and exploited by the republicans for years and years. Democrats know this but have failed to develop a rhetoric that can persuade americans to let go of their social darwinism. You see, only G-d can save them from the afflictions of nature and heaven.

I can not strees enough the comprehensive excellence of the May issus of Harper's.

Read the whole thing!

Peace, mason

Thivai Abhor said...

As a longtime subscriber to Harper's I concur with Mason--a must read!