Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Taking me a bit to get caught up with work after disconnecting from cyberspace during the winter break. Crazy, mad, absurd things are happening all around me and I'm kicking back laughing and smiling (no I'm not on drugs).

When I was so down/depressed last year I became apathetic (and as a result disconnected from life). All the political causes/activism, the people I cared about, the places I came from, the cultural work I had been involved in, everything that meant so much to me, fell by the wayside. Its weird/absurd/a paradox, but when I finally decided to truly let everything go (especially regret/anguish/anger), my mood/outlook improved, I regained my idealistic/romantic/revolutionary personality. I'm now happy (not in a mindless-consumer/prescription-drugged/entertainment-branded way, more in the sense of being amused by life and curious about what will come next) and this allows me to once again to care (in the good ol' mode of lets make some changes).

The ancient river flows continuously, long before we were here and long after we will be gone...



Anonymous said...

Let's do it!

Michael Benton said...

I look you enthusiasm, but what are we going to do ;)