Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If Language Is a Virus Then I Am Going To Create an Epidemic (Spring Dub Remix)

With the soberest of intentions I chase the passion of the night through its mysterious symmetries to the borders of the dark tea time of the soul and the bright bliss of the karmic moment creating metaphorical ladders that illuminate the wonders of the universe in order to glimpse some peace in response kali-kundhi slowly chews my morphemes layed down at her feet as offerings murmuring poetics that buffer my soul with courage to take the chance to sally the edges of abstraction as antidote to confusion and angst feeling wounded like a baited bear a torn piece of living being exposed for all to see the struggle is of language and memory flowing through desire released through imagination initiating the possibilities of chance a thought to hold in her hand the transcendent mysterious of the flower web can only be viewed through strolling through dark unimagined spaces I recall outer beauty standing now solitary against inner ugliness I listen to the stillness of my world and miss the laughter lacking a singing voice or a painter’s eye I offer up words as a humble offering wandering alone down desolate boulevards of color and light I play word games while gathering winged thoughts that circle above me turning every eros into a page that gentle eyes might touch as time skips a beat in awe of the ineffable if language is a virus then I am going to create an epidemic

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