Wednesday, January 17, 2007

X-Tal: The Cold Civil War

"The Cold Civil War"
Lyrics J. Neo
from Reason is 6/7 of Treason by X-Tal

I see the battle lines drawn everywhere
Read the paper, count the lies
Read the letters from respected citizens
With murder in their eyes
Soldiers in disguise
So don't you criticize

Great men lead the charge against the foe
Nobly boasting of their crimes
And feeble opposition strains to not offend
And loses every time

Pundits crow about prosperity
From their comfortable estates
Rub their last decade of glory in your face
Yeah, everything's just great
So just accept your fate
'Cause it's already too late

We're already in a civil war
Pretending nobody gets killed You might read about some vague event somewhere
But its just too unreal
Nothing you can feel
We did not turn that wheel... so we believe

We're all safe here in America
But the battle rages on
Lives hange on the image ad-men create
For a sedated throng
An audience of pawns
Sell you for a song.

Details, details, facts are stupid things
Can't you see we don't want to know?
We want a candy box of sentiment and fear
And wrap it in a pretty bow
Come on, go man go!

There are those that sense there's something wrong
You can find them all around
But their words are too upsetting for our ears
It's such a foreign sound
They'd better keep their voices down
We'll send someone to knock them down

So tell me how secure you feel today
Stirred & soothed by official words
You find you can't always get
You need

You get what you deserve
You get what you deserve
You get what you deserve!
In the Cold Civil War...

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