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Media/Communication/Journalism (2009)


Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment

Advertisement Analysis (archive)

Aether: The Journal of Media Geography (California State University--Northridge)

AK Press

AlterNet: Media Culture

The Bluegrass and Beyond (Tom Emblen/Lexington Herald Leader columnist)

Center for Citizen Media

Center for Digital Democracy

Center for Media and Democracy

Center for Media Justice

Citizen Media Law Project

Columbia Journalism Review

Corporate Ownership (FAIR Archive)

Consortium News


Counterspin (FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)

Creative Commons

Criticine (Southeast Asian Cinema)

Democracy Now

Der Spiegel International (Germany)

Design as a Rhetorical Tool

Digital Cultures Project: Information/Media/Culture (University of California--Santa Barbara)

Double-Tongued Dictionary

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Defending Freedom in a Digital World

Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development

Exiled: Banned in Russia

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting



First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet

Frontline Documentaries (PBS)

Fora TV: Internet

Fora TV: New Media

Framing Science (Matthew Nisbet)

Free Documentaries: The Truth is Free

Free Press: Reform Media, Transform Democracy

Frontline (Documentary Archive: PBS)

The Future of the Internet - and How to Stop It (Jonathan Zittrain)

Generation Online

Global Media Journal

The Global Media Project at The Watson Institute for International Studies

Global Voices

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Hearsay Culture (Center for Internet and Society)

Idea Lab: Reinventing Community News for the Digital Age (Media Shift/PBS)

Incite!: Experimental Media and Radical Aesthetics

Independent Media Center

Inter Press Service

I Want Media Resources

Jim Hightower

John Pilger

Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media

Landscapes of Global Capital: Representing Time, Space, & Globalization in Corporate Advertising Supporting Progressive Librarians Since 1998

Living on Earth: Sound Journalism for the Whole Planet

Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commericals 1952-2008 (Museum of the Moving Image)

Media Channel: The Global Network for Democratic Media

Media Ecology: Composting the Western Mind

Media Lens: Correcting for the Distorted Vision of the Corporate Media

Media Literacy Wiki

Media Matters

Media Matters with Bob McChesney (NPR/WILL/College of Media at University of Illinois)

Media Shift: Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution (PBS)

Merriam-Webster Word-of-the-Day

Narrow Range of Debate (FAIR Archive)

National Film Board of Canada

News Dissector (Danny Schecter)

News Trust

Norman Solomon

On the Media (WNYC)

Open Source Cinema


Political Communication Resources (W. Lance Bennett/Dept of Communication-Washington University)

Press Think: Ghost of Democracy in the Media Machine (Jay Rosen/NYU Journalism Professor)

Project Censored: The News That Didn't Make the News (Sonoma State University)

Pro Publica: Journalism in the Public Interest

PR Watch

Reading Critically (Natalie Gummer)

Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media (Melbourne University: Australia)

Regret the Error (Craig Silverman) Independent and Open Publishing

Reuter Global News Blogs

Reuter US Blogs

Revolution by the Book (AK Press)

Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Researching the Issues (Notes by Michael Benton)

Rising Voices: Helping the Global Population Join the Global Conversation

Save the Internet: Fighting for Internet Freedom

Slate V: Politics and News (Videos)


Spin of the Day


Telecom Policy (FAIR Archive)

Theories of Media: Glossary (University of Chicago)

Time Tube

Top 25 Censored News Stories of the Year (annual list by Project Censored)

Transformative Works and Culture

UChannel: Media

U.S. Film and Media Histories Site

Voice of San Diego

Washington Babylon (Ken Silverstein/Harper's)

Weekly Signals (KUCI: University of California-Irvine)



Wired Blog Network

Wired News

Who Owns What: Media

The World in Words (Public Radio International)

Worldview (WBEZ: Chicago)

2009 Archive:

Kevin Kelly: The New Socialism - Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online

Open Source with Christopher Lydon: Angles on Empire with Catherine Lutz and James Der Derian

On the Media: Speaking of Terror

Susanne Gannon: Writing into the Space of the 'Other'

Laurel Richardson: Styles of Writing Reflect Historically Shifting Domination of Particular Schools or Paradigms

Heather L. LaMarre, Kristen D. Landreville and Michael A. Beam: The Irony of Satire - Political Ideology and the Motivation to See What You Want to See in The Colbert Report

Francesca Coppa: Women, Star Trek, and the early development of fannish vidding

Peter D. Howe: Newsworthy Spaces -- The Semantic Geographies of Local News

On the Media: Obama's 7 Letter Word -- Torture

On the Media: FOX News -- Tea Time All the Time

On the Media: Swine Flu Media Mania -- History Repeats

Matthew C. Nisbet: Communicating Climate Change -- Why Frames Matter for Public Engagement

Brent Cunningham: Rethinking Objective Journalism

Radio West: Juliet Schor -- The Commercialized Child

John Berger: Another Way of Telling

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Craig Aaron, Acting Senior Program Director of Free Press


Noam Chomsky and Robert Trivers: On Deceit , Groupthink, Maintaining Credibility, and Denial

Feministe: Take a Minute for Fair Pay; Employee Free Choice Act -- National Ad; Take Action: Show Congress the Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act!

Michael D. Yates: A Nation of Immigrants

Democracy Now: Pacifica Radio at 60 -- KPFA Remains a Sanctuary of Dissent Six Decades After Its Founding

Saul Hansell: Reports on Time-Warner and ATT Cable Controversies and Why Japan Has a Better Model; Tana Geneva: On Consumer Responses

Fun and Games: On Michael Haneke's 2007 Remake of His 1997 Funny Games

Counterspin: T.R. Reid on Sick Around America, Mark Danner on torture

Media Lens: Thought Control and Professional Journalism

Fora TV: Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig and pop artist Shepard Fairey discuss copyright law in a conversation with author Steven Johnson

Counterspin: Lori Wallach on Buy America brouhaha, Dan Beeton on Venezuela

Counterspin: Ryan Chittum on Santelli's rant, Maria Elizabeth Grabe on network news bias

Stephen Colbert on the Hypocrisy of Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project

Press Think: Jay Rosen's Flying Seminar On The Future of News

Jay Rosen: The Dangerous Myth of Journalistic Objectivity

Michael Wesch: Two Types of Meaningful Connection

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Matt Taibbi, journalist and political writer at Rolling Stone

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Susan Douglas, Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan

Double-Tongued Dictionary; Dean Wright: Watching our language -- Writing about the financial crisis

On the Media: Word Watch -- Bipartisan

On the Media: The Growing Cable Monopoly -- Comcast

Pamela Grace: Review of Hollywood Under Siege: Martin Scorsese, The Religious Right, and the Culture Wars

Re-Constructions: Reflections on Humanity and Media after Tragedy

Vittorio Giacci: Cinema, Responsibility and Formation

Cormac Deane: The Embedded Screen and the State of Exception: Counterterrorist Narratives and the War on Terror

Alexander Zaitchik: Twitter Nation Has Arrived--How Scared Should We Be?

When Ads Start Watching Us

On the Media: National Security Monitored Domestic Communication of American Journalists

Rick Hancoi: Film--Is There a Future in Our Past? (The Afterlife of Latent Images)*

Brad Stone: Report Calls Online Threats to Children Overblown

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (Pepita Ferrari: 2008); RiP: A Remix Manifesto (Brett Gaylor: 2008); Lawrence Lessig: Final Free Culture

On the Media: George Packer -- Orwell and the English Language

Slavoj Zizek: The Enchainments of Meaning

Milos Stehlik: The Iraq War in Film

Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford: The Power Behind the Screen

Washington Post's Mensa Invitational Contest and Alternative Meanings for Common Words

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day: Implacable

International News Coverage in a New Media World: The Decline of the Foreign Correspondent

Meriam-Webster Word-of-the-Day: flocculate

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Andrew Bacevich, author of The Limits of Power: American Exceptionalism

Media Matters with Bob McChesney: Deepa Kumar on the limitations of the corporate media system

On the Media: War Crimes (Mexico)

On the Media: Flying Shoe Coverage; Numbers Game; Bush's Language Legacy; Obama's Press Secretary; Presidential Pardons; Orwell/Language; Deep Throat

On the Media: Flog of War

Matt Zoller Seitz: Copy Rites--YouTube vs. Kevin B. Lee

Philip K. Dick: "If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who use the words"

Restor(y)ing the Wor(l)d

Guardian Weekly: The Bush Years (Journalist Roundtable)

Counterspin: Michael Ratner on the Detainee Abuse Report, Alfie Kohn on Obama's Education Nominee

2008 Archive

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