Monday, November 06, 2006

Amy Goodman and Adam Cohen: Voter Suppression in Midterm Elections; Protecting the Right to Vote

(Be cautious when voting tomorrow, be observant of the process, check your vote, and report/record any violations/problems/abuses.)

Voter Suppression in Midterm Elections: Robocalls, ID Confusion, Voter Roll Purges
Amy Goodman and Adam Cohen
Democracy Now

In Virginia, Democratic Senatorial candidate James Webb's last name does not appear on the voting summary sheet. In Indiana, African American congresswoman Julia Carson was told her congressional ID was not sufficient to vote. In Broward County, Florida early voting, a vote for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate registered as a vote for the Republican candidate. Adam Cohen, editorial writer for The New York Times, joins us to discuss voter disenfranchisement.

On Tuesday, millions of voters will cast their vote in the mid- term elections. Many are calling this the most high-stakes election in recent years with the possibility of a Democratic takeover of Congress. But some are warning that voters could be subject to intimidation and a variety of suppressive tactics meant to keep them from casting a ballot. Some of these tactics have been mandated by the government like new rules requiring government-issued voter identification cards. Others have been perpetrated by unofficial sources such as the bogus letters sent to thousands of Latino voters in California telling them it was illegal to vote.

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Adam Cohen's New York Time's Editorial "Protecting the Right to Vote"

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