Saturday, November 18, 2006

WTF: A Guide to Political Babble

To go along with the slowly growing Glossary of Terms for the United States of Amnesia, I thought we might start a new collection called WTF (What the Fuck): A Guide to Political Babble. Its not really going to be a project of deciphering the statements (although feel free to provide your own commentary and suggestions for inclusion), it is more like a collection of the worst offenders so that we can all say WTF were they saying?

Attorny General Alberto Gonzalez blasting cautious citizens (including a defiant judge) who have the temerity (G's claim, not mine) to question the Bush administration's new proposal for a "warrantless surveillance" program:

"We believe the president has the authority under the authorization of military force and inherent authority of the constitution to engage in this sort of program, but we want to supplement that authority," he said. (AP 11/17/06--posted at Yahoo news)

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