Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Simpson's Satirizes Military Recruitment Techniques and Advertising Campaigns


"A scathing clip of The Simpson's satirizing the [military] recruitment process.

Including a recruitment commercial so ridiculous it could only be taking its cues from actual recruitment commercials..."

To Watch the Clip


Susannity! (Susanne) said...

There was big controversy and some lawsuits up here in Seattle about a year ago concerning recruiters on HS campuses.
I do not believe they should be allowed on campuses HS or downward. All the recruitment adds I've seen are pretty slick and appeal to the "tell your parents you're a man now and going and even if they don't like it now, they'll have more respect for you." and of course all the video game aspects by showing how you'll be flying an apache helicopter etc.

Allan said...

Back in 1983 we had an Army rock band come to play- we actually got out of class for it.
I was in the woods behind the scholl getting high, but I heard the band sucked.

Allan said...

"scholl getting high"...sheesh.

Thivai Abhor said...

I remember those bands... what a joke.

Have you two seen the documentary The Ground Truth yet?

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

nope haven't seen it yet but i have it in my blockbuster queue heh. along with a bunch of other docs you've mentioned in your blog - corporation, inconvenient truth...