Sunday, November 05, 2006

War Times; Peace and Justice Activism; Please Vote

Please vote on tuesday!

War Times

Rebecca Gordon from the latest issue:

"After the vicious September 11 attacks, President Bush vowed to make the nation safe by launching a global “war on terror.”

His administration has prioritized military muscle and forcible regime change over diplomacy. It has justified torture and illegal spying to defeat “evil.”

Five years later it is evident that these policies have been a dangerous failure.

“Glance at any television screen . . . and chances are that the screen will be showing mayhem in Lebanon , Baghdad or Gaza . It usually takes a minute or so to decipher which Arab city is burning,” observed the New York Times.

These policies, often supported by Congressional Democrats, have polarized the Middle East , turning it into an ever-worsening killing field. The entire Arab and Muslim worlds are now aflame with anti-U.S. rage."


United for Peace and Justice

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