Thursday, November 23, 2006

Citizen-Shift: War Resisters

(From Canada Citizen-Shift has been documenting the growing movement of American soldiers resisting the Iraq War by fleeing to Canada--includes filmed testimonies. Another example of how independent short documentary films can be quickly made and distributed on the Internet, circumventing the traditional cinema house circuit.)

War Resisters

U.S. soldiers are going AWOL and coming to Canada. They want to stay. Canada must choose whether or not to give refuge to these Americans who refuse to take part in the US-led war on Iraq. They say the war is illegal under international law; and if returned to the United States, they face severe prison terms for desertion. Hear the stories of war resisters in Canada and the US and find out how citizens on both sides of the border are fighting to end the war. Get a historical perspective - watch films and read about "peaceniks", draft dodgers and deserters of the Vietnam era. Leave your opinion, find out how to take action, come back and find out - will Canada let them stay?

To Watch the Films


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Michael Benton said...

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