Monday, November 06, 2006

Jeffrey Ellison & John Pisapia: The State of Holocaust Education in Illinois

The State of Holocaust Education in Illinois
by Jeffrey Ellison & John Pisapia
Idea: A Journal of Social Issues


The state of Illinois was the first state to mandate the teaching of the Holocaust in 1990. This article reports the results of a study of Holocaust education practices at the high school level. At present, it represents the largest study of Holocaust education practices ever conducted in the United States.

The study produced eight major findings: (a) Most teachers of the Holocaust are white, Christian, hold degrees in history, and have been teaching it for less than ten years or more than twenty one years; (b) A wide array of topics such as death camps, anti-Semitism, Hitler’s rise to power, non-Jewish victims, creation of the state of Israel, and the U.S.’s response to the Holocaust is being taught in Illinois high schools; (c) Most students receive Holocaust education in American History in the junior year, however, students taking advanced placement classes receive appreciably less instruction on the Holocaust than those in the regular program; (d) Teachers use traditional methods of discussion, lectures, and questions on the final examination to deliver and test their lessons on the Holocaust; (e) Schindler’s List, the course textbook, the Diary of Anne Frank, Night are the most widely used materials by teachers teaching about the Holocaust; (f) Teachers teach about the Holocaust because of its importance, its part of the curriculum, personal interest to a much greater degree than because it is a state mandate; (g) Teachers believe learning about the Holocaust is a important for the lessons it imparts to students regarding discrimination, stereotyping, critical independent thought, and the human capacity for evil; (h) Most teachers favored mandates, believed that their school was in compliance with the state mandate in Illinois, and believed teaching of the Holocaust would continue if they retired.

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Michael Metrinick's Bloc said...

For those that might be interested there is a great new Online Holocaust Resource.

Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

maintains a website at:

Sergey Romanov said... (H.E.A.R.T.) is an unreliable resource.

For evidence of this please see:

and also follow the links inside the posting.

Gerard Deladrin said...

Well well more smears against by Sergey Romanov.

Does that guy do anything else but sit behind a computer in total anonymotity and attack other people work? You should all check out his lame blog Holocaust-controveries. The only thing controversial about it is the claim of two PHDs on staff. What would two PHDS do hanging around that cheesey site?

Anonymous said...

And ur theory on the holicoust is amazing

Sergey Romanov said...

Don't be deceived - actually the above smear message by "Gerard" was written by H.E.A.R.T. webmaster Carmelo Lisciotto, who has left a whole series of similarly-worded comments all over the blogs under different names.

For more details:

Anonymous said...

I think the HolocaustResearchProject is a great website!