Saturday, November 04, 2006

Frank Zappa: On Censorship

(Thanks to Harwell for reminding me of the genius of Frank Zappa, not only his music, but also his ability to communicate his viewpoints. This argument is still going on today and Zappa's comments are still relevant.)

Zappa, Frank. “On Censorship.” Crossfire (CNN: 1986)

The musician Frank Zappa was an intelligent, articulate and important voice in the battle against censorship. In this Crossfire episode we see him debating the censorship of music lyrics—he is, of course, against this censorship of “words.” This debate really gets to some of the core issues surrounding the “call for censorship” and the defenders of “freedom of expression.” Frank Zappa just devastated those pundits, exposing their idiocy... I miss Frank Zappa!

Zappa's Statement to Congress About Censorship of Music Lyrics

The Official Frank Zappa Website (where you can also listen to his music)

After you listen to Frank Zappa's debate on Crossfire, read this:

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Lebatron said...

Censorship drives me insane, man. I call it censorshit. I've actually started a blog because of it since my stories always go unpublished due to their being "unappropriate". Check it out and tell me what you think.