Monday, September 01, 2008

Cyberpunk Radio

(From San Francisco, a mash up of politics, indy music, SF and satire--image below is by Bernd Helfer)

The intro to the site:

Welcome to the predystopic world of corporate globalization. Fear NOT! Even as privatization of our essential resources (water, food, and energy) proceed at ever accelerating pace, a neo undergound is taking shape. This underground, like the traditional cyberpunk characters of a previous centuries fiction, is made up of "wired punks"; jacked 24/7 into the Internets. The boundaries between reality and illusion are becoming more and more indistinguishable. Cyberpunk Radio is your connection to the pulse of this underground; we give you a glimpse behind the curtain. Listening to CyberPunk Radio will enable you to deny the mainstream media access to your brain stem, at least briefly. We remove the media filters on information, and in the process break corporate control of the popular "Narrative"; tune in to Cyberpunk Radio, another Pirate station breaking the FCC lock on what is available for you via traditional corporate-commercial broadcast programming. The real stories are out there, and we bring them to you: Is our future one where machines and technology liberate humans from work- allowing us to live as artists and sages; or a dystopian future where flesh is enslaved to technology and machines... does the human race diverge- "naive", unenhanced humans enslaved to a hyper evolving Transhuman elite; a new Caste system based on an individuals' degree of Transhumanism. This 'future' may be closer than you realize. Get connected at cyberpunk radio, jack into The Cortex; let Labia, our reformed(?) pleasure bot, liberated from a classified CorproGovernmental research project, guide you through the sound scape.

Cyberpunk Radio

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