Thursday, September 04, 2008

KEXP (Seattle) Music That Matters, Vol. 113 - NW Series #4: Portland

(KEXP is quickly becoming my favorite music station and DJ Sharlese demonstrates why they are so good! Thank you for the huge list of great bands that I had never heard of before!)

KEXP (Seattle)
Music That Matters, Vol. 113 - NW Series #4: Portland

DJ Sharlese continues her series of regional Northwest bands, this time focusing on the variety of sounds coming out of Stumptown. In this volume, you'll hear a selection of her favorite bands performing at Musicfest NW on September 3rd - 6th.

1. The Shaky Hands - World’s Gone Mad
2. The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
3. The Whips and The Whales - I Thought I Walked
4. Horse Feathers - Albina
5. The Joggers - Golden Wage
6. Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
7. Starfucker - German Love
8. Atole - Satyricow (Copy Remix)
9. Lackthereof - Choir Practice
10. Animal Farm - Move It
11. Rachel Taylor Brown - Stagg Field
12. Blitzen Trapper - Crushing The Wheat
13. Boy Eats Drum Machine - The Crack In The Sea
14. Southern Belle - Sunnyside
15. Swim Swam Swum - Not In Your Way
16. White Fang - My Invisiable Hands
17. Dykeritz - The Apple Is Blue
18. We’re From Japan! - Extraneous Zoo Animal

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