Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CD Release Party: Lexington's Local Music Scene

(I'll be going to this after the Asylum Street Spankers show at The Dame)

The new AAC/WRFL/CD Central sponsored Lexington music comp, "Know Your Own" vol.2, is finally ready! The disc features 29 local bands/artists including the Elephants, Scourge of the Sea, Parlour Boys, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Cunninlynguists, Irene Moon, Caves, Walter Carson, In Endeavors Italya, Petticoat,Petticoat, Miss Kitty Twister & Her Hot Dogs, City Mouse, Ideal Free Distribution, High Water Marks, The Melody Function, the Oxford Farm Report, Chuck Moreland, Three Legged Race, Malachai, The Smacks!, Big Fresh, Marbles, Warmer Milks, and a bunch more. Don't recognize some of the names? That's the whole point - this is your chance to discover some of the stuff happening in your backyard.

The release party is this Friday, February 10th at Underlying Themes. It's your first chance to grab a copy of the disc, which sports beautiful screen printed cover art courtesy of Cricket Press. Here are the details ...

KYO vol.2 release party featuring performances by the ELEPHANTS, THEE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (a new project from Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo), IRENE MOON, RC PRO AM, and PETTICOAT, PETTICOAT
FRIDAY, FEB.10 @ Underlying Themes, 110 S. Upper (above Buster's, entrance next to Mia's) - 8pm, ALL AGES, $5 (and, of course, the cd is FREE)

Hope some of you can make it out on Friday.

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