Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Am Alive With Pleasure: The Last Word On the Danish Cartoon Scandal and Protests

(Courtesy of Robert at loveecstasycrime)

Eric at sums up brilliantly the cartoon scandal and protests:

i didn't want to get involved, i really didn't.

So you have your typical right-winger newspaper in Denmark, who-- surprise, surprise-- tend to score political points off provoking the 'opposing team'... so they publish cartoons... basically suggest that 'the other guys' are completely unreasonable and hate us and are probably evil. Unfortunately for them, other right-wingers, this time in Iran, pick up on that, see a chance to score political points by suggesting that 'the other guys' are completely unreasonable, and hate us, and are probably evil. All they wanted were some cheap political points, instead they got an international incident, which leads right-wingers, this time all over the world, to pick up on the chance to show how 'the other guys' are completely unreasonable and are probably evil and totally hate our guts. It's a transcontinental right-winger circle jerk, it's the Sam Huntington version of the special olympics. Fuck those guys.

Any body got anything else they want to add?

In that case, I'm selling tickets to the 'Transcontinental Right-Winger Circle Jerk' on ebay for $1200. Each ticket comes with airfare to Iraq, a Danish flag (suitable for waving or burning), a holy book of your choice, and thirty rounds of ammunition. No refunds.


Anonymous said...

this made me giggle when reading it earlier, I tried to comment but I think I was distracted.. thanx for this... a measure of laughter was direly absent on this matter for me. nice.

Michael Benton said...

Yes, much more wisdom than all of the chattering talking heads ranting and raving about this situation.