Monday, February 13, 2006

Paul Virilio: "Weapons are tools not just of destruction but also of perception..."

From Machiavelli to Vauban, from von Moltke to Churchill, at every decisive episode in the history of war, military theorists have underlined this truth: 'The force of arms is not brute force but spiritual force.' There is no war, then, without representation, no sophisticated weaponry without psychological mystification. Weapons are tools not just of destruction but also of perception... (5)

--Paul Virilio, War and Cinema

Douglas Kellner: Virilio, War, and Technology

John Armitage: Paul Virilio's Hypermodern Cultural Theory

C-Theory Interview with Paul Virilio: Cyberwar, God And Television


Kevin said...

Clearly Paul Virilio is correct. That's what "framing" is all about. It's war with words and perceptions.

Michael Benton said...

Of course, he was writing this stuff before "framing" as we currently know it was such a hot topic (although Kenneth Burke, and others, was exploring it much earlier)