Monday, February 20, 2006

SAMLA CFP: Journalism in the History and Theory of Writing

Journalism in the History and Theory of Writing

A program of the Society for Critical Exchange to be held at the annual SAMLA convention November 10-12, 2006, in Charlotte, NC.

How has journalistic writing been conceptualized in relation to other modes and conceptions of literary production over the past two centuries? Panel seeks papers that address the interrelations of forms (textual, generic, etc), technologies, and/or economies of writing in the conceptualization of journalistic writing. Especially welcome are papers attending to the shifting lines of demarcation between
journalism and other print and digital genres and media, as well as to the historical conditions enabling the rise of journalism as a profession. Please send a 250-word abstract (no full papers) and a CV of no more than two pages to Chalet Seidel, Case Western Reserve University ( by April 1, 2006.

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