Monday, February 13, 2006

The Dame Wednesday Feb 15th: The Elephants and the Capes

(I saw The Elephants play at the album release party mentioned below--they are talented and should go far--reminded me of Television. I would also recommend you beg, borrow, or steal the compilation--if there are any copies left--if not contact me)

The ELEPHANTS and the CAPES - Wednesday Feb. 15 - 9 p.m. - $5

The Elephants are unstoppable. You can catch them on the brand new compilation Know Your Own Vol. 2 (a comp. of local music published and distributed by the Lexington Actions Arts Collective, CD Central, and WRFL - plug, plug), and brought the pain at the album release party last week, which the Apparitions/Scourge/Fanged Robot's Robbie Cosenza said described as "the type of show that makes me want to pick up a guitar." The Elephants, now veterans of Lexington garage rock, have performed alongside Second Story Man, Ill Ease, at the CMJ '05 Festival in New York, and probably with one of your favorite local bands. Though their sound is constantly refined, they stick to their formula - melodic bass, jangly guitars, and the room-permeating David Bowie meets Isaac Brock vocals of Jason Zavala, which meets to form the gritty, simple but oh-so-satisfying Velvet Underground, Go-Betweens, and Kinks pop that stampedes the crowd.

The Capes come to us all the way from South London and, with the current direction of the British underground, South London means quality. Their self-titled record was pretty much wore out all last fall on WRFL 88.1 and the national indie go-to guy - with good reason, too. Playing last October with Big Fresh, The Capes stormed in with their Clash meets Bloc Party dance-meets-mod new wave, throwing Lexington a bombastic live performance that demands more than mere attention. Plus, these guys are super nice and, as Zavala put it, "are very attractive guys with British accents." Not to mention that CMJ, the London Sunday Times, Guild, and others have had very positive remarks about the Capes. Catch them before they hit this year's South By Southwest in Austin.

After the show, Mark Murray and Terminal Dusk conquer the DJ decks with downtempo electronic.

The Cape.... Nice bouncy pop all the way from the United Kingdom. They
probably will make out with you.

The Cape

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at The Dame Feb.15 9pm

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