Saturday, February 18, 2006

Global Tryst

Global Tryst is based in Washington D.C, U.S.A.

We believe in the oneness of humanity and global peace. The world is our home, but often it is apparent that war and strife result from closed societies, lack of freedom, and the due process of law. Be it small communities or great nations, open communication can overcome differences and divisions and enable greater understanding and cooperation.

Global Tryst is an endeavor to provide such a platform for open communication.

By enabling frontline workers and grassroots level workers to speak up on various issues they are familiar with, we offer a unique perspective on global issues ranging from global free trade to European integration, space travel to social strife and the global environment. In general, we solicit fact-based analyses of global events and occurrences. In doing so, we believe that Global Tryst serves as forum for world statesmanship.

But this is by no means all: In an effort to cultivate awareness of global cultures, Global Tryst offers a lot more beyond socio-political and economic issues through features on global cultures, customs, cuisine, art & theatre.

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