Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shuttlecock Ink

(A colleague from my Bowling Green State University days... she is a part of the Las Vegas underground scene and she is starting an clothing business... I don't promote too many business interests, but I like the idea of this one.)

Some of you already knew about my new business venture and some of you didn't... But, hey, it's official! I am a business owner and it's very exciting! The first press release went out yesterday (see below) and there's a shell website where people can actually buy our clothes. The full website should debut in about a week.


It's an actual business... not just paperwork with the state and the IRS. We've been selling some shirts around Vegas already, but we're having our "official" launch next Saturday, March 4. If you're in or around Vegas, be sure to come to the party...

I would also love for people to go to the website and join the mailing list - then, you'll be alerted when the full website is up and running and you'll get updates about sales and events.

And, please, let me know what you think... and tell your friends!

Your friend,

Rebecca Zisch
Brains, Backhand & Pursestrings
Shuttlecock Ink


Susannity said...

lol i couldn't wear those shirts. maybe if i was drunk in vegas tho... =P

i wish her good luck and hope her biz is successful!

Anonymous said...

LOL very nice. I may have to start visiting there along with to get my clothing. Just so you know corporate life hasn't jaded me, when my niece had her baby recently I got the baby a shirt that says " All mommy wanted was a backrub"...gimmee a break it was that or "THEY SHAKE ME"...Now that's a tough decision.

Good luck with the business and I hope you thrive!