Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kontroll (Nimrod Antal)

(From Michael)


Think about the typical independent or hollywood (schlock) film about people dealing with workplace problems--pure crap... must we even list them? There are a few that are lifted above bullshit, waste my time level-- Office Space has provided me amusement and food-for-thought...

So, why?, does a first-time director from Hungary, who is obviously operating on a small budget, working within one of the US's most beloved B-movie genres (the film cheaply-made about disgruntled workers), able to transcend the B-movie roots of the film, no doubt sparking many meanings from any viewer (a lesson for small budgeted guerilla filmmakers, seek out unique places like this for filming)?

On a scale of 1-10, I would place it as a 9, because it is powerful in the sense of people trying to make sense of their working conditions (and the movie draws you into group concerns and then leaves with an individual to see how he grapples with the insanity of his environment)... for awhile, I haven't seen such a movie, operating in any genre sense that explores contemporary worker anxiety so effectively. It has those B movie roots (which I think help it from becoming to pretentious), but damn if it didn't make me think about a lot of important ideas--isn't this what we want from film?

The film examines working-class (as in people who have no "control" over their work or workplace) concerns, it is very boisterous and stupid, yet still, it has a sharp edge, probably ignored only by those that are able to escape that "class" observation tower (in your daily life how often do you feel as if you are being observed?)...

There is a lot more to this film and I would always look forward to talking to people bout the deeper aspects.

So I am off to look for my teddy bear (see the film ;)


Allan said...

I recently saw the film and was very satisfied I was suprised that a first time director was able to acomplish such a slick film on what i assume is a low budget. Your blog looks intersting and ill be sure to come back from time to time, though i do not have time now to read all the posts as it is late and i have class tomorrow. Cheers.

Thivai Abhor said...

Cheers Allan,

Thanks for the comment and if you are interested in film be sure to check out the stuff at Bluegrass Film Society