Monday, November 15, 2004

How Thivai Abhor Got Its Name?

(dedicated to Svejk, the good soldier and the zombie hunter Inspector Lohmann)

"Thivai" is a female pirate and "Abhor" is her cyborg lover. I combine the name in order to give expression to the recognition of female/male sides and the wondrous chaotic creativity their integrative realization can bring. Thivai Abhor is the revolution of the senses--freedom of expression, the mind virus that will eat the system from the inside out. Thivai Abhor is a catalyzing enteran that seeks to alter the corrupt system through pirated words and frenzied emotional responses. Thivai Abhor is neither gender, yet combines both genders becoming a new way of being, becoming, understanding and knowing. Thivai Abhor is the monstrous result of a system that eats its young.

Of course, these avatars are most famously realized (and introduced to me) as the main characters in Kathy Acker's novel "The Empire of the Senseless."

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juipi said...

My name is Jimena, i noticed that you visited my like my cat? is a siames as you sayed..He is just 2 months!
You have a cool blog :0)
Se ya

Thivai Abhor said...

Hi Jimena,

Yes, very cool picture! In the cat world siamese cats rule--very intelligent and unique cats.

You are the first Argentina blogger I have met, so I might ask a few questions later on (I'm very curious about other places/perspectives).

Inspector Lohmann said...

Thanks, Thivai, for the explanation. I won't pretend to understand it, but it's nonetheless cool, interesting, and entertaining.

I like Acker but haven't read that one. I'll put it on my "gotta get to it someday" list.

Interesting side note:

I work with someone who knew her well. He helped publish and distribute one of her earlier books (Kathy Goes to Haiti). Kathy's ex-boyfriend moved in with my friend's ex-girlfriend, who happened to start a local art/publishing/performance venue that Acker was connected with.

Small world...

Mad Mike said...

All very interesting thank you, and I thought it was your real name. I,m off to look at he cat picture now.

Thivai Abhor said...

Inspector Lohmann,

Thanks for the comments. I was very in to the ideas of Kathy Acker--paristical art that operates to deconstruct dominant culture through its own values and words (sort of like when the Suffragettes battled Woodrow Wilson at the gates of the White House using only his quotes to demonstrate his hypocrisy in regards to democracy for everyone in the US). She was fierce a individual--when I found out about her death me and some friends held a wake at Bowling Green State University (if we ever meet I'll tell you the story about that one).

Mad Mike--I'm sure will agree the cat and Jimena are both beautiful