Friday, November 12, 2004

Susannity: Washington Gubernatorial Race--Another Florida?

Susannity reports from Seattle that they are still counting votes from 11/2 and have yet to declare a winner in the Washington governor race:

Washington Gubernatorial Race--Another Florida?


oso said...

Crazy - I've been meaning to check out Susannity's blog for a while. Ya know, we're still counting the votes in San Diego for Mayor, City Attorney, and a dozen other things. They say we'll probably have to wait two more weeks.

Michael Benton said...

Is san diego having a run-off election for mayor?

My parents told me that it was a crazy political season in SD.

oso said...

I don't know what we're having. A second law suit was just filed today. The whole thing is ridiculous. Just like everyone else, we need some serious electoral reform. I say whoever gets the most votes deserves to be mayor but the lawyers don't seem to agree.

Michael Benton said...

I hope the independent sane-growth mayoral candidate wins... I'm sure the traditional San Diego downtown lawyers, construction giants and real-estate thiefs are fighting this guy with all they have! (of course I learn this all through second-hand sources, so if you have a good link that can update me it would be appreciated!)