Thursday, November 11, 2004

Village Voice: Reflecting on Election 2004

A good collection of articles looking at the recent US elections:

Elections 2004


Ron Brynaert said...

You thought so?

I thought they were just as useless as the crap they wrote after 9/11.
The Ohio story offers GOP propaganda about Democratic election fraud...then it goes on to absolve the Republicans from any guilt about what happened in Ohio.

Then another story claims that African Americans voted for Bush 16% in Ohio...based on fucking exit polling...the same exit polling which doesn't match the results...but that get's left unmentioned too.

A few months ago they purged every decent writer on their staff...specifically Cynthia Cotts..the media watcher. And I'm still pissed at them for running those crappy unsubstantiated Sydney Schanberg attacks on Kerry (for "suppressing" vietnam pow info) AFTER he got the nomination...AFTER...even though they contained no new information...let's not forget that they backed Nader in 2000....

Michael said...

I backed Nader in 2000 ... your problem with that?

Michael said...

Oh I get it, we really only have "two" choices... Republican or Democrat, my bad!

Ron Brynaert said...

Of course, I don't have any problem with that. I've even supported Nader's running in 2004...and I've criticized the Democratic Party for challenging his signatures and harrassing him.

In this past election, I even voted for a third party candidate for the first time. I voted for the Green candidate for senator...because I despise Charles Schumer.

But as for the Presidency, I think that getting Bush out of office is the most imporant goal...and most people that I know personally and many celebrities that backed Nader in 2000 came back to the Democratic Party this time around.

I just think the Voice is schizophrenic in how they write about politics. My point about them backing Nader in 2000...was that they really didn't have too, too much to gripe about later...and the Schanberg attacks on Kerry.


We need the third parties to help fix our electoral system.

Michael said...

Peace Rab!