Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Onion: Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich

(courtesy Anna and Melissa)

The Onion | Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich


Rickenharp said...

The Tyranny of the Two Party System in the US - What Lessons are there to Learn from the Outcome of the 2004 US Election?:

Susannity said...

This phenomenon does amaze me. I do not understand why working class folks don't see how the Republican party as an ideology and voting block do not look out for their interests. Truly boggles my mind.

Michael Benton said...

Its part of the move toward "moral politics" in which lifestyle/identity becomes the most important political factor for many people.... a long trip of convincing people to ignore their situation and to mis-recognize their enemies

lokigr said...

Added Bush: "God bless America's backwards hicks, lunchpail-toting blockheads, doddering elderly, and bumpity-car-driving Spanish-speakers."

Leftist dismay and dismissal of these people and there voting is a real problem though. We need to try and prove our points, in a convincing and accessible manner. I doubt the current Democratic Party is capable of this however. Neither are we, though, if we give in to stereotyping, hate, and dismay.

PS I do realize this article was only for comedic effect but the ending still disturbed me.