Monday, November 08, 2004

Think About Where Your Money Goes

You should first read this post Joining the Rest of the World (courtesy Mouse Musings and Progressive Blogger Alliance) then think about who you are supporting with your hard-earned dollars:

Top 25 Republican Party donors (1999-2003) with global consumer brands

1 Altria (formerly Philip Morris) $6.5m
2 AT&T $5.36m
3 Microsoft Corp. $5.12m
4 United Parcel Services $4.48m
5 MBNA $4.38m
6 Citigroup $3.93m
7 Pfizer $3.9m
8 FedEx Corp. $3.4m
9 Bristol-Myers Squibb $3.4m
10 GlaxoSmithKline $3m
11 Wal-Mart $2.85m
12 General Electric $2.58m
13 ExxonMobil $2.35m
14 AOL Time Warner $2.31m
15 Anheuser Busch $2.23m
16 ChevronTexaco $2.2m
17 PepsiCo $1.9m
18 Schering Plough $1.8m
19 Archer Daniels Midland $1.8m
20 Wyeth (formerly American Home Products)$1.74m
21 Alticor Inc. $1.7m
22 American Airlines $1.62m
23 Ford $1.52m
24 BP Amoco $1.25m
25 Disney $1.25m


Ted said...

Why don't you post the same list for the Democratic Party? It's not very different.

Thivai Abhor said...

Supply it for me and I will... immediately.

But you see the demos are not in such a position of power and so I am going to fixate on the republicans for awhile--you don't mind?

In case you are wondering I am neither demo or repub... I'm a socialist stuck in a two-sided one party system.

I like your moniker, it reminds me a cool musician I used to groove to ... lets see, was it Django Rheinhardt???? something like that (any help?)

Going to visit your site now...

Thivai Abhor said...

Ddjango... superb blog-resume--peace!