Sunday, November 14, 2004

Ted Rall: Confessions of a Cultural Elitist

(courtesy the sarcastic Rina at Cow Monkey

Depressingly true from my current location:

Confessions of a Cultural Elitist


Deleted said...

It's not just the coasts. Major conurbations all over tend to be more tolerant, interesting and generate more prosperity than suburban and rural communities. Cities get a raw deal thanks to representation based on geography.

Michael Benton said...

Harry, I don't think it always boils down to liberals in the city and conservatives in the country. Where I am, this city is sick with yuppie-conservatives and religious-conservatives (Bush won handily and the marriage amendment passed with 65% of the vote) while some of the coolest, most liberal people I have met come from the country. Of course you could prove other cases, I'm just saying it doesn't always boil down to this dualistic breakdown.

Same goes with the University here...

Deleted said...

I wasn't promoting a dualistic breakdown (I did include a weasel word, "tend", to make sure I didn't :-)). New York, for example, has one zip code that gave a huge amount of money to Bush, over a million dollars. They're socially very liberal there provided you don't ask to crash in their apartments, brownstones or ask them the time of day. And the same zip code gave over two million to Kerry. I still wouldn't call them anything but socially liberal, "but don't ask for me anything", yuppies.

The pocket of the countryside I live in right now has very few hardcore cultural "conservatives". They make a lot of noise, but no one takes them seriously. Yet even with domination of discourse by tolerant people, the area reelected one of the worst Congressmen in DC by an easy margin while donating large amounts to Kerry and voting for him by a 2 to 1 margin. I can make a living here only because I know people. So, I agree. There is no easy breakdown.

Michael Benton said...

I know you weren't, but when we phrase it as such an obvious breakdown this is how it comes out... especially when there is such a range of interests/causes involved. Unfortunately we suffer in this screwed up political system where the longer a senator is in office the more power they garner and thus the more pork they bring back to their constituencies and that makes it all the more difficult to get that bad seed representative unseated because their voters are addicted to their senator's treats (even when the senator's views are different from theirs) ..... of course then there are the crazy right [them] and the crazy left [us] that just vote their values ;) ha, ha, who the fuck knows?