Sunday, November 14, 2004

Rise of the Vlaams Blok Party in the Netherlands: Putting a Pretty Face on Hate

Fears that ban on Vlaams Blok party will see far-right group strengthened


Mary Desmond said...

I find it an absolute affront that it is right wing groups in europe which champion the cause for freedom of speech, after the murder that Dutch Fascist leader two years ago and recently Van Gogh i find it incredibly offensive that racialist fascist fucking arseholes are turned into fucking heroes by fucking wanking middle class prat arsehole judges and politicians. I thought the whole point of being left wing nice people was that we give the arseholes rope and they either hang themselves or in the case of Van Gogh embarrass the shit out of us that we didn't say anything about domestic violence among muslim women because it might offend muslim men. For god's sake when they break the law arrest them. If they are as evil as claimed they will. But not for speaking out. Find out what is bugging the 1 million flemish and deal with it, banning bogeymen, preventing free speech is fucking toxic. If we allow fear to dominate us in europe we'll end up like america with all the intolerance, violence and paranoia but without the 99 flavours and right to return anything bought in any store within 90 days for a full refund no questions asked. When did we start believing in free speech only when people agree with us. Fucking Belgians now there is going to be a backlash and they'll get two million votes, fuck me if i was living in Belgium i'd vote for them, wonder whither they'd want to repatriate me.

Michael Benton said...

Desmond, it definitely seems like there are parallels to the popularity and rise of certain reactionary right factions here in the US... the reason I posted it.

What about the UK?

Mary Desmond said...

we had Sir Oswald for a bit, charming man loved by ladies good with kids and all that, but otherwise extreme right groups never really caught on here, if one did it would split the tory party which is already weak, i think maintaining an unfair electoral system in national elections does the centrist trick in Britain, and the centre just drifts right and left a little, there are some areas, oldham the midlands a combination of high unemployment poor housing large immigrant ghettoes next to white working class ghettoes and occasional riots, i would be very shocked if an extreme right wing party ever got a consituency MP, if they got an MEP (fair election system) for europe it wouldn't bother me i vote in those elections but i haven't got a clue what the MEPs do but it pays as a job and the expenses are ridiculous, there was a dicey period in the seventies with the national front now the BNP but they never got close to winning a constituency seat no one really believes it is King Arthur come again. Perhaps its the parochialness of Britain. Outside the capital they hate londoners more than any other group, in Yorkshire they hate Lancashire more than Londoners. Northern welsh despise southern welsh, Highland and Lowland Scots have a contrapuntal hatred along with Catholic poor and Protestant rich Scots. We have quite a healthy balance of hate going on here, the key is in nationality, Brit-ish, Scot-ish, Ir-ish, Wel'sh, they stress the ishness of nationality, vagueness as saving grace. But then i tend to be the last to get told, if there is a fascist uprising, they will round up pangolins first, and i don't think any expression of personal admiration for the economic miracle wrought by Senor Doutor Salazar will mitigate. So if the hour comes forget not pangolins via the ICRC emergency fund.