Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Remembering Mervyn Peake

Hopefully you've had the mad pleasure of reading Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy--if not get thee to an independent bookstore:

Today in Literature

On this day in 1968 Mervyn Peake died, aged fifty-seven. Peake's career as a writer and artist was prolific, varied and, some say, too eccentric for mainstream popularity. But if the critics continue to ignore or quarrel over the achievement, the fans continue to assemble, arriving from all corners and by many paths. Apart from many recent, international editions of Peake's books, there have been stage, radio and musical adaptations, plus a lavish and highly-praised BBC TV mini-series -- reviewed in The Guardian as "quite different from anything else on TV. Or on earth.

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Michael Hawkins said...

Thivai: I've got Peake's big, fat trilogy on a bookshelf in the living room, just waiting for the right mood. I feel it approaching. Thanks for posting this.

Michael said...

Yeah, it was cool that they packaged it in that handy one volume set... although as a bibliophile I treasured hunting down the different volumes in used bookstores.