Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Keb Mo and the Lighter Side of the Blues

Listen to Closer, Keep it Simple, Let Your Light Shine and Shave Yo Legs--also an interview with NPR's Michele Kelman.

Keb Mo and the Lighter Side of the Blues


Michael Hawkins said...

Thivai: I worked at Albums On the Hill here in Boulder from '91 through '98, during which time we hosted a bunch of musical artists for in-store performances and signings. Cheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, Jello Biafra (who was raised in Boulder -- his mom still lives here), even George Clinton. Of all the cool people who drifted through the store, by far the nicest, most thoughtful, most grounded individual was Keb Mo. He'd show up when we opened and stay until sound check (at the Fox Theatre across the street), picking through old albums and hanging out with the staff. He'd even run out to get us food and drinks, for god's sake. Ben Harper is right up there, too, except that his head's a lot more in the clouds and you never knew what he'll do. But Keb has a totally inviting presence that makes you want to drop everything to sit with him on the porch.

Thivai Abhor said...

Michael... thanks for this story. It seems that you might have a very eclectic CD collection (as do I) ... interested in a little burning and trading ;) anyone else?

Keb Mo is very unique--those music tracks on this site were the first of his music that I have heard (unless I heard uncredited tracks on public radio).

Your experience working in the Boulder music shop reminds me of working for the huge independent bookstore Library Ltd. in St Louis (well it was independent when I worked there, I believe they have since been bought out by Borders). The people I worked with there were some of the most intelligent, creative people I have met... good times, roaming the city, partying and talking into the night, flirting and fantasies, involvement in creative productions, ... you would think that I would be doing this in academia?