Sunday, November 07, 2004

And Here Are Your Newly Elected Officials!

The World Socialist Web Site gives us the lowdown on our newly elected officials (and you thought Dubya was bad!)...:

US Election Notes

In Kentucky we are especially proud of:

No account of what might be called the lunatic right would be complete without mentioning Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, who won reelection narrowly despite a series of bizarre incidents which led the state’s largest newspaper, the Louisville Courier-Journal, to publicly question his mental health. Bunning remarked that his Democratic opponent, Daniel Mongiardo, looked like one of Saddam Hussein’s sons. He claimed that Mongiardo aides had assaulted his wife at a campaign rally, and demanded federal protection against the prospect of terrorist attacks on his campaign events in rural Kentucky. At one point, the 71-year-old senator revealed that he had not read a newspaper in six weeks and was not aware of the refusal of Army reservists in Iraq to go on a convoy mission. Meanwhile, Bunning supporters circulated rumors that Mongiardo was gay.

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