Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Important Links to Keep Track of Election Day Events

(courtesy of Jules Marshall who posted these at MediaSquatters)

State-by-state provisional ballot rules

How the electoral college works

FAQs, such as what happens if neither candidate gets 270 electoral votes, or what happens if candidates tie in a state's popular vote or there is a dispute as to the winner

Each state's law on what triggers a recount

Handy links for state elections:

Quick links to all state election sites

State-by-state legislative results
You can view preliminary legislative election results here, displayed by party control of legislatures, state control, and gubernatorial control. These preliminary results will be provided on this page beginning at 8 p.m. mountain time on November 2. The results will be updated throughout the night. Viewers will need to reload each page to view new updates.

Ballot initiative information

Tracking voting problems:

Election-day voter reports
A group of non-partisan organizations and academic institutions have set
up a Voter Alert Line (1-866-MYVOTE1) at the National Constitution Center
on Election Day from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. NBC News will be reporting on the
problems called in on air and on this Web page

And lastly complaints from the far right about voter fraud (I especially like his association of liberals with cappucinos--see the Hillary picture on the left)
Voter fraud stories
Bill Hobbs, a former Nashville journalist who's now in PR, is tracking voter fraud
stories on his weblog (see Harry's response to this posting for more background).


Deleted said...

I think you've linked to the Bill Hobbs who makes such an ass of himself in South Knox Bubba's comments section, Thivai. Like World Net Daily, he's occasionally right on a few things, but he's mostly a movement Bushist and a crackpot.

Michael said...

Ah yes, that's what I get for putting these up at 3 in the morning! I'll put a warning in...

Karlo said...

Thanks for the link. I've linked to you on Swerve Left as well. BTW, I'm also a writing teacher who has studied philosophy (mostly Eastern philosophy in my case.)

Michael Hawkins said...

Thanks for this, Thivai. I'll link to it from Spontaneous Arising.

Say hey to all the "tired progressives" when you hang out with them tonight...:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for these. I finally have the laptop to play with now that PC-hogging human is away at the polls, I can get the real story . . .

Awesome and witty blog by the way, I'll show it to all my friends in low places and to some other people who need to see it too. Over and out, Cal

Michael said...

Karlo, Michael and Cal,

Thanks... it doesn't seem that we will have an answer tonight?

Karlo... thanks for a great site!

Michael... where can we grab the spiritual in this case? I'm so tired of monological politics trying to shout the "other" down... how can we learn to listen to the "other" and will it help anyone but "us" (and is that enough?)

Cal... peace, Yoshi gives her regards!